Medical Students
For students in Arkansas, learning about health careers and pursuing a goal of being a healthcare provider isn’t as hard as it sounds. UAMS Regional Campuses provides several avenues to help students, from junior high and high school through college and medical school, learn about the health care field and develop the talents and knowledge necessary to succeed.

UAMS Regional Campuses provides the web site to allow students to explore opportunities in healthcare.

The site also serves as a resource to connect interested students with educators and health care professionals around the state. This gives students the chance to get “hands on” experience, explore mentor/shadowing opportunities and learn more about health care professions.

Junior High and High School

For junior high students, we offer a one-week summer program called CHAMPS (Community Health Applied in Medical Public Service). Senior high school students can participate in M*A*S*H (Medical Application of Science for Health), a two-week summer program at UAMS Regional Centers and community hospitals around the state. Our pre-professional health career recruiters provide a wide variety of programs throughout the state for students of all ages.

Undergraduate Students

UAMS Regional Campuses also provides support for students currently enrolled in college. This includes resources for students interested in medical school, such as MCAT prep exams, practice interviews, and pre-med clinical training rotations. UAMS Regional Campuses also help coordinate mentoring and student shadowing opportunities to help students connect with practicing providers and learn more about health career fields. Contact the health career recruiter in your region for more information.

Students have access to UAMS degree programs through several UAMS Regional Centers. Visit the website of the College of Nursing or College of Health Professions to learn of the courses of study offered through the Regional Centers.

Residents and Medical Students

Finally, for students currently in medical school, UAMS Regional Campuses, through the UAMS Regional Centers, provides preceptorships and clinical rotations along with residency training at the UAMS Family Medical Centers and at other sites around the state. The UAMS Family Medicine Residency Programs are community-based programs providing training under the supervision of board certified specialty and sub-specialty physicians and interdisciplinary faculty teams.