Who can participate?
UAMS students who have just completed the M1 year and are in good standing in the COM.
*For 2021, preceptorships are only open to students in the Rural Practice and Honors in Rural and Urban Underserved Primary Care programs.

What will I do during the preceptorship?
Students will shadow a family medicine physician to gain insight about the specialty of family medicine, while practicing physical exam and diagnosing skills.  Blackboard assignments help students learn about topics such as chronic disease management, community health and advocacy.

Do Blackboard assignments count toward my grade?
No.  All Blackboard assignments are required but are for completion only.

When does the program take place?
June and July of each year.

Where do I complete my preceptorship?
Students must select a board-certified family medicine physician outside of Pulaski County.  Eligible physicians can be found on the ABFM website.

How many spots are available?
Thirty students are accepted each year.  This number may vary depending on available funding.

Is there a stipend?
Yes, students receive $500 for the two-week period.


For full details about the family medicine preceptorship, please see the summer opportunities handbook.

Questions? Contact Jessica Bursk | jlbursk@uams.edu | 501-686-5260