Health Careers Recruitment

Regional Campuses Booklet

UAMS Regional Campuses have health career recruitment specialists operating out of each of their eight regions to connect students and teachers with educators, programs, health care professionals and other resources around the state.  These recruiters can educate students and counselors about various health care professions, offer and facilitate opportunities for ‘hands on’ experiences, explore mentoring and shadowing opportunities, and advise and prepare students to apply to health professional schools.

Some examples of program offerings available through Regional Programs include:

  • CHAMPS (Community Health Applied in Medical Public Service)
  • Find Your Future in Healthcare Click Here to Apply for Summer 2022
  • M*A*S*H (Medical Application of Science for Health)
  • Advancement into Medicine
  • Club Scrub / Med Pro-Ed 
  • Hands-on Healthcare
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Pre-Professional Program
  • MD2B

For more information on opportunities, events, and resources available in your region, please contact the recruiter closest to you.