Family Medicine Residency

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I am extremely pleased that you are thinking about a career in family medicine and are considering UAMS Northeast for your specialty training. I take great pride in my specialty which signifies the historical definition of a practitioner through the provision of total care for the individual and family.

This program offers a residency experience in which to develop attitudes and skills that prepare our graduates for the challenges of health care throughout their career. Our three-year program is implemented through a series of supervised block rotations in other specialty areas with primary focus on practical clinic experience and continuity of care in the UAMS  Northeast Family Practice Clinic.

Every attempt has been made to make this website informative, but it cannot depict the camaraderie and professionalism of our residents, faculty and staff. I encourage you to visit our program and see if it meets your requirements for post-graduate training in the specialty of family medicine. I look forward to meeting you.

Scott Dickson, MD
Residency Director
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Dr. Dickson