UAMS Family Medicine Community Health Clinic Junior Clerkship Opportunities

UAMS Family Medicine – Multi-Site Rotation

The Multi-Site Rotation is a newly approved clerkship option for students interested in experiencing various populations across the state, specifically in rural areas. This rotation option is contributed by dual-partnership between Community Health Centers of Arkansas (CHAC) and the Regional Programs of UAMS.

CHCA is a non-profit organization established in 1985 to expand access to affordable quality care in Arkansas, and to create a unified voice for Community Health Centers (CHCs) and the patients they serve.

For more than 30 years, CHCA has received funding to provide training/technical assistance to CHCs for improving care delivery. CHCA’s mission is to advocate for and facilitate the success of CHCs and promote access to health care in Arkansas.
Their vision is to be an innovative leader, promoting improved health care outcomes and equal access to the highest quality health care for all Arkansans. CHCA serves 12 CHC organizations and their 100+ service locations across Arkansas.

The services offered by CHCA help Arkansas CHCs provide effective and efficient care to their patients, further their goals of improving access to care and reducing health disparities; and improved health outcomes. CHCA has over the years successfully served as a conduit for new programs, projects and funding that supports greater access to comprehensive services for underserved populations throughout Arkansas.

CHCA collaborates with local, state and federal partners, organizations and policy makers to positively influence changes to policies, regulations, and legislation aimed at strengthening the health centers’ ability to provide affordable, accessible, comprehensive, quality health care services to the uninsured, underserved, Medicare and Medicaid Arkansans.

Students of this rotation will get to spend 1 week each at the individual community health centers in Ft. Smith, Monticello, and West Memphis.

This is a great opportunity to gain a plethora of experience in various areas of the state.

At this time we can only allow students in this block on a voluntary basis. This rotation will require travel to various areas of the state. Housing and travel support will be provided.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!