AHEC Scholars Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to a particular type of residency or practice after graduation?

No, AHEC Scholars encourages careers in primary care, rural and underserved populations but has no requirements beyond graduation.  While we hope that most scholars will pursue a career path in primary care, rural medicine or underserved populations, we also appreciate the opportunity for all scholars to learn more about these populations and the opportunities to serve.

What programs of study are eligible for the UAMS AHEC Scholars program?

The UAMS AHEC Scholars program is open to the following students:  3rd Year College of Medicine students, 3rd Year College of Pharmacy students, and 1st Year Physician Assistant students.

Is there an award for joining AHEC Scholars?

In the 2021-2022 enrollment year, we will be offering a $1,000 enrollment award to the first 120 applicants.  In order to receive the award, applicants are required to complete the online application and two financial forms which can be provided to you by your advisor.

If I enroll, when will I get my award?

Award forms are submitted to the UAMS Financial office for processing through their normal channels.  The goal is for scholars to receive their enrollment award during their first year of enrollment in the AHEC Scholars Program.

What if I drop out of the program before graduation?  Do I have to refund the award?

No, you would not have to refund the award.  Yet, we feel that the requirements are easily met and students should not have any difficulty with program completion.  If you are debating your commitment to completing the AHEC Scholars program, you should further discuss this with one of our AHEC Scholars advisors.

When is the deadline to enroll? Can my friends who are seniors apply?

AHEC Scholars is a two-year program focused on the final two years of your program of study.  The enrollment time period is during your next to last year. (MD – Year 3, PharmD – Year 3, PA – Year 1) Students in their final year of study are not eligible to enroll.

Are there other events or opportunities for AHEC Scholars to connect, serve or projects?

While the basic requirements for AHEC Scholars can be met through existing curriculum, there are opportunities to connect and collaborate with other programs for educational and experience.  New program options are currently in development with the goal of expanding to several more.

How can I learn more about the AHEC Scholars program?

Advisors hold regularly scheduled Information/Orientation sessions both for groups and individual students.  Also, an AHEC Scholars advisor can send you a copy of the most current AHCE Scholars Handbook which includes much information including a Program of Study.

Do I receive a grade for AHEC Scholars?

AHEC Scholars does not count toward your academic grade.  Students receive a certificate of completion when program requirements have been met.

How often am I required to meet with my AHEC Scholars Advisor?

At a minimum, scholars are required to complete an orientation session and program of study with their advisor.  Follow-up meetings are on an as-needed basis to assist the scholar with program completion and connecting with other program activities.