First Year

  • Night Float – three to four 2 week blocks, and 6-7 weekend “mini-night floats” throughout the year, during which cover admissions from the ED, floor calls, participate on L and D. Night float shifts are from 5 pm to 7 am.
  • 2 half-day continuity clinics per week

Second Year

  • Night Float – three to four 2 week blocks of night float (5 pm – 7 am) and approximately thirteen 24 hour shifts on either Saturday or Sunday throughout the year. Primary responsibility for ICU admissions and patients, as well as L and D.   Supervision of and collaboration with first year resident on night float.
  • 3 half-day continuity clinics per week

Third Year

  • In house call during orientation and intermittently throughout the year as needed.
  • At home call otherwise, and responsible for patient after hours calls. Available to be called in to hospital if work load merits, but happens rarely.
  • 3-4 half-day continuity clinics per week

Hannah Eveld, MD

I chose UAMS West because of the comprehensive training that students and residents receive as well as the family like atmosphere of the program. I spent time in Fort Smith as a student and was made to feel right at home from the beginning. We see a variety of patients daily, many with challenging cases or rare pathologies, and leave the program equipped to manage not only preventative care but acute and chronic diseases, as well as complex care for patients of all ages, including obstetric patients. The faculty, including specialists, work closely with us and are always willing to lend a helping hand and listening ear. My fellow residents have become my extended family and lifelong friends. UAMS West was my 1st choice coming in to residency and would be again if I had to repeat the decision.

-Hannah Eveld, MD