All rotations are 4-week time blocks unless otherwise noted.

*Research and QI time are designated during these months.

Inpatient Medicine / ICU5 blocks4 blocks2 blocks
Inpatient Adult Medicine1 block1 block-
Acute Care Clinic (Ambulatory)*1 block1 block-
Surgery1 block--
Night Float2 blocks1 block1 block
OB / Nursery1 block--
Orthopedics / Sports Medicine*1 block1 block-
Inpatient Pediatrics (ACH Little Rock)1 block--
Pediatrics ER (ACH Little Rock)-1 block -
Cardiology-1 block-
ER--1 block
Ambulatory Pediatrics--1 block
Community Medicine--1 block
Addiction/Behavioral Medicine / ENT--1 block
(2 wks each)
Health Systems Management*--1 block
Electives*--3 blocks
Women's Health / OB / Nursery-3 blocks1 block
Ambulatory / Dermatology--1 block

Longitudinal Experiences (36 months)

FM Clinic (continuity patients) (40+ weeks/year)

  • Integrated Behavioral Health
  • Pharmacology
  • Telehealth / virtual office visits

Long-term care / nursing home / home visits
Radiology (LSUS COM interactive video series)
Weekly Didactic Series
Other Educational Conferences

Other Educational Requirements

  • Scholarship: 1 QI project and 1 product of resident’s choice (poster or manuscript submitted to peer-reviewed journal)
  • Clinic/hospital committee of resident’s choice
  • Clinic staff and care team meetings
  • Community service strongly encouraged
  • MAT waiver

Vacation and time off in accordance with ABFM and UAMS policies.

Promotion and Graduation Criteria

PGY1 to PGY2
  • Acceptable Milestones
  • Satisfactory completion of all PGY1 curriculum, including attendance and clear EMR records
  • Weekly online assignments up to date
  • Must have applied for USMLE Step 3 exam
  • Must have completed minimum of 20 points on ABFM MOC modules
  • Able to supervise PGY1 residents and/or students
PGY2 to PGY3
  • Acceptable Milestones and able to perform with increased independence
  • Satisfactory completion of all PGY2 curriculum, including attendance and clear EMR records
  • Weekly online assignments up to date
  • Passed USMLE Step 3 exam
  • Applied for license to practice with the Arkansas State Medical Board
  • Must have completed 20 points additional on ABFM MOC modules
  • Able to supervise lower-level residents and/or students
PGY3 to Graduate
  • Competence in Milestones & approved by PD to practice independently without supervision; clear of any academic warnings or probation
  • Successfully completed all program requirements to meet ABFM and ACGME standards
  • Met attendance requirements and health records up to date
  • Competed 50 points of the ABFM MOC modules
  • MAT training completed & MAT waiver received or eligible
  • Completed 3-hours online opioid training to complete ASMB licensing process