Health Careers Presentations

UAMS West is pleased to offer personal school visits to junior and senior high schools in Arkansas. These presentations are designed to educate and spark interest in health as well as medical professions. Providing information and opportunities that will help high school and college students make wise decisions about their futures is one of the goals at UAMS West.

When you request a presentation please include a rough estimate of how many students I can expect and what grades the students are in. I am asking that all schools have a minimum of 50 students when requesting a presentation (special allowances will be made, however, for clubs or groups with healthcare as a primary focus) This number can be broken up over several presentations in a single day or split between nearby schools. If you would like a presentation but lack the necessary numbers, please contact us to see what arrangements can be made to best serve your students. Guidance materials about health careers and UAMS can also be offered at Career or College Fairs. If you can’t find one that fits your class, call me and we’ll make one to fit your needs!

Some of our activities include:

Prezi Presentations

Career Connections: A brief overview of healthcare careers in general followed by basic descriptions of some of the most popular healthcare fields; along with information on schooling and salary

Medical Jeopardy: A short presentation on healthcare followed by a fun interactive trivia game using healthcare terms and jobs

Making the Cut: A presentation that touches on the basics of college resume building, program interview strategies, business etiquette, and professionalism

Providing Primary Care: Presents students with a better grasp of what a primary care provider is and why it’s so important

Activity Based Presentations

Wasted Trip: This presentation teaches students about the dangers of driving under the influence and the 10 people you might meet after an accident (It has a toy car driving experience as part of the presentation and therefore requires a large clear section of floor)

Elderly Empathy: This activity based presentation helps students to empathize with elderly and dementia patients while teaching them about geriatric careers

Pharmacy Phun: Students learn what different medications are and how they’re used, how to fill prescriptions, and what goes into a job as a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Tech

All services are available at your request at no cost to you or your school. Contact the UAMS West Regional Recruiter to schedule a visit!


Phone: 479-424-3113

Cell: 479-221-7283