What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

Your First Appointment
For your first appointment, please bring the following:

  • Insurance card
  • A picture ID
  • Social Security card

Repeat Patient Appointments
For all future appointments, please bring the your current insurance card.

The staff at the UAMS Southwest can help you find a family doctor and can assist you with choosing the practitioner or service that best fits your needs.

To request an appointment with one of our providers, please call our appointment line at 870-779-6000. Set up an appointment with our receptionist. Same day appointments are available based on an open appointment slot. Most appointments are given within two to three days from the call.

We recommend that you check with your insurance company before making your appointment to verify that one our doctors is included as a primary care physician on your medical provider list for your medical insurance company.

Some insurance plans require referrals for some medical procedures. If you are having any medical procedures, we recommend that you check with your insurance company regarding referrals prior to your appointment. Or please call 870-779-6000 for information on referrals.

If you have any questions or concerns prior to your visit, please call 870-779-6000.