Patient Rights

UAMS Southwest, its physicians, nurses, and entire staff are committed to providing high quality medical care to each of our patients. It is our policy to respect your individuality and your dignity. We support your right to know about your medical condition and your right to participate in the decisions that affect your well being. For this reason we have adopted the following policy regarding patient rights.

Should we not meet these goals, please let us know. Your comments will be of help to us and to future patients.

Your Rights
As a patient you have the right:

Dignity and Respect

  • To be treated with dignity and courtesy; to be given considerate and respectful care at all times and in all circumstances.
  • To treatment for any emergent or urgent medical condition that is likely to deteriorate if such treatment is not given. In accordance with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and their implementing regulations, UAMS will, directly or through contractual or other arrangements, admit and treat all persons without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex or national origin in its provision of services and benefits, including assignments or transfers within the facility and referrals to or from the facility. Staff privileges are granted without regard to race, color or national origin (where appropriate).
  • To prompt and reasonable responses to questions and requests.
  • To have any restrictions on communication discussed with you.
  • To contact an outside agency about your concerns. The telephone number for the Arkansas Department of Health is 501-661-2000.

Confidentiality of Information

  • To privacy and to confidential handling of all communications and records regarding your healthcare.
  • To have disclosure of your presence at this facility withheld in the event that your safety is in jeopardy by outside persons.

Informed Decisions

  • To a full explanation of diagnosis, proposed treatment and procedures in terms that are easily understood and that include benefits, risks involved, significant complications, the outcome and alternative treatments available. To an interpreter as necessary to understand all pertinent communication.
  • To review, with your physician, records pertinent to your health care.
  • To have medical information explained or interpreted as necessary.
  • To know at all times the identity and professional status of all individuals providing any type of service and to know what physician is primarily in charge of your care.
  • To know UAMS Medical Center is a teaching institution that participates in research protocols, affiliated with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
  • To be informed and to give consent if our facility proposes to engage in or perform research associated with your care or treatment.
  • To expect reasonable continuity of care when appropriate and to be informed of available and realistic patient care options when care at our facility is no longer appropriate. To be informed of our facility’s policies and practices that relate to patient care, treatment and responsibilities, including financial information.
  • To obtain a full explanation of the bills related to your health care services.
  • To request an itemized explanation of the total bill for health services rendered.
  • To have access to protective services.

Participation in Care

  • To be involved in decisions about your medical care.
  • To participate in assessment and management of pain.
  • To make decisions about the plan of care prior to and during the course of treatment (to the extent permitted by law) and to be informed of the medical consequences of your actions.
  • To refuse treatment.
  • To exclude any or all family members from participating in your care decisions.
  • To have an advanced directive, such as a living will, a health care proxy or a durable power of attorney for health care.
  • To be involved, with family and other decision makers, in resolving dilemmas about care decisions.
  • To express any concerns or grievances orally or in writing without fear of reprisal.

Patient and Family Responsibilities
As a patient, you or your designees are responsible:

  • For providing accurate information about your present illness and past medical history.
  • For seeking clarification when necessary to fully understand your health problems and proposed plan of action.
  • For following through on the agreed plan of care.
  • For following the rules and regulations of the health care facility.
  • For being considerate of the rights of others.
  • For providing information for insurance claims and for working with our business office to make payment arrangements when necessary.

To express any concerns with regard to our policies or the service you are receiving, you may speak to your physician, your nurse, or an administrator (call 870-779-6000).

It is always your right to contact an outside agency about your concerns.

To contact the Arkansas Department of Health:
Phone: 501-661-2201
Mailing address: Department of Health, 4815 West Markham. Little Rock, AR 72205