Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement – UAMS South
“UAMS South  – A beacon of model health care for all.”

Mission Statement – UAMS South
The mission of UAMS South is to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive, accessible health care for the people of South Arkansas by educating, nurturing, and supporting present and future healthcare professionals in a rural setting.

Values of UAMS South

We believe in and value:

1.   Non-discriminatory/high quality comprehensive health care in a rural setting.
2.   Respect/Dignity/Politeness in Relationships
3.   Commitment to ethical professional standards
4.   Availability, Approachability, Accessibility
5.   Economic security and social well-being
6.   Leadership role in scholarly life-long learning
7.   Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles through Disease Prevention

Hedgehog Concept
(Good to Great)

What can we be the best in the world at?

         » “Applying everything we do to a rural setting.”

What are we passionate about?

         » “Health Promotion for all in a rural setting.”

What drives our economic engine?

         » “Fine tuning of our traditional sources of income and our ability
to close the gap through non-traditional sources of revenue.”