Support for Pre-Medical Students

Welcome Students!

This is an exciting time as you embark on your college career and start planning for your future in the medical field. At UAMS Northeast, wePre medical students are here to help you be the best applicant you can be when you apply to your professional school. These schools are looking for the best of the best not just academically. They want the well-rounded student that has knowledge, community service, experience, communication skills, and a desire to learn and improve the lives of others.

MCAT Prep Course

UAMS Northeast is teaming up with Arkansas State University for the 7th year to offer a summer MCAT Prep Course. Contributors to the course include ASU science professors, local physicians, and UAMS medical students. The course includes lectures, interactive learning, and in-class practice tests. Time management skills, test taking tips, and guidelines for getting into medical school will also be addressed. Deadline to Register is March 31, 2017.

Need more details? Email Sandra Lusby at or Yalanda Merrell at

2017 MCAT Prep Course Application

Volunteering – Professional schools are looking to see that you are compassionate and truly care about helping others. Through volunteer opportunities, students are able to get first hand medical experience and information about the careers in medicine. Various opportunities are available throughout the year. Email us for what’s going on now!

PPC – Pre-Professional Club at ASU– Students interested in a medical career can join the PPC by emailing Yalanda Merrell at 

UAMS Northwest offers:

Mock interviews help students practice articulating their thoughts and ideas before medical school interviews occur. Articles about interviewing from a variety of sources are offered to participating students.  Mock Interviews can be scheduled by emailing Ana Sanchez at

Tours – The UAMS College of Medicine Pre-Medical Spring tour is organized and encouraged each year in April. Email Ana for details.

Advising – Individual consultations can be scheduled to discuss the medical school application process, requirements, personal statement review, or other questions the pre-medical student may have.

MCAT Help – Several resources are available for college students needing help in preparing for the MCAT. Email Ana Sanchez for details! Or contact our library at


AAMC – American Association of Medical Colleges All Pre-Med students should familiarize themselves with the aamc website.
* Aspiring Docs
* MCAT tools
* and More

More information on these and other great opportunities for pre-medical students contact Ana Sanchez by email or call 479-684-5177.