UAMS North Central Junior Clerkship Opportunities

UAMS West – Batesville

Thank you for your interest in UAMS North Central Family Medicine Residency Program, a newly accredited program in the UAMS Regional Program system serving the North Central Region. We are located in the growing community of Batesville, AR along the scenic White River in the beautiful Ozark Gateway Region. Batesville, the oldest city in Arkansas, has plenty to offer with outdoor activities, arts, festivals, a bustling main street, excellent schools, and a strong community feel. While Batesville may be a small town of 10,000, we have a thriving medical community where most specialties are represented. Due to our strong relationship with White River Medical Center (our 224-bed community hospital partner) and the support from our local physicians, we are able to host all required inpatient and outpatient rotations in Batesville.

Here at UAMS North Central we have developed an innovative curriculum using the principles of the Clinic First model initiated by UCSF’s Center for Excellence in Primary Care. By making the clinic the primary teaching site and utilizing a small core of Family Medicine Faculty, we have prioritized resident schedules to increase clinic time, eliminate inpatient/outpatient tensions, and enhance learning by emphasizing continuity between patients and residents. We have an operationally excellent Family Medical Center that uses cohesive and stable clinic teams built on the PCMH model to teach residents how to thrive in a busy clinic practice.

We offer a unique schedule of week-long rotation blocks across the entirety of residency training focused on improving the resident experience and patient care by increasing continuity. While at first glance this may seem disruptive, we find that it actually allows for an educational experience that more closely models the breadth and depth of Family Medicine encountered in a real-world setting. Our Outpatient Family Medicine rotation will have residents scheduled five half-days in continuity clinic per week every sixth week during the first year and every fourth week during the second and third years. Most other rotations will have residents scheduled in continuity clinic one to two half-days per week which allows them to spend the maximum amount of time with the rotation preceptor. During the first year, the only time residents will not have clinic is during their night float rotation every sixth week. This innovative schedule allows residents to have more time in continuity clinic, more time on rotations, and dedicated time for longitudinal curriculum and self-directed learning.

While we are outpatient focused, UAMS North Central strives to provide a well-rounded Family Medicine training experience including inpatient medicine, pediatrics and obstetrics. Traditionally, these residency services have been essential to the partnering hospital and have required a resident present at all times. While our residents are extremely important in these rotations, they are not essential. In contrast, these core inpatient services are all rotation-based within our program. This allows UAMS North Central to have activities, such as didactics or resident retreats, where all the residents can attend without the added burden of inpatient/outpatient tension.

In addition to the traditional required rotations, we have longitudinal curriculum during didactics and the Outpatient Family Medicine weeks that includes leadership development, physician resilience, population health, community health and engagement, practice management, and professionalism. We are also developing opportunities such as occupational health and student health with local partners to improve the health of our community through technology such as telemedicine. Using an innovative curriculum, as well as continuing to develop new educational opportunities for residents, creates a culture of inquiry that will keep UAMS North Central on the cutting edge of residency training and prepare residents for the future of Family Medicine.

I am extremely excited about the future of UAMS North Central Family Medicine Residency Program. The curriculum and schedule have been purposefully designed to further our mission of excellent education and patient care in a resident-centered environment. We provide high-quality outpatient-focused Family Medicine training in a small-town setting that is typically only seen in larger communities. I invite you to apply to see our unique program for yourself.