Health Careers Recruitment

UAMS North Central Recruiting Goals

  • To increase student awareness of and interest in health careers
  • To provide information and opportunities to North Central Arkansas students interested in pursuing a health career
  • To provide pre-medical support to college students through free practice MCAT tests, mock interview experience, personal statement review, and/or individual consultations

UAMS North Central is pleased to present the following programs:

School Visits

Health Career Presentations can be given to groups of students, such as clubs, homerooms, or classes (AP/honors, chemistry, physics, algebra, Career Orientation, MedProEd, health, etc) . Adjustments in subject matter and length are made for each group according to the interests, needs, and age of the students being served.

  • So Many Choices: Arkansas Health Careers
  • Is There a Doctor in the House?: What It Takes to Become a Doctor
  • What Not to Say: The Interview
  • Pharmacy Phun: How Science and Math Relate to your Future Career
  • “Now, Why Can’t I Wear My Nose Ring and Flip Flops?” : Business Etiquette for Job Shadowers and Interns
  • We Can Only Imagine: Geriatric/Disability Sensitivity Training
  • “What the Heck is a Lab Tech?”: Student involved activity (recommended for Career Orientation classes)
  • Bones, Groans, and Accident-Prone: A look at radiology, injuries, and the process of healing
  • Medical Terminology: Deciphering common medical terms (offered in 1-5 day units)
  • Virtual Surgery: An online activity that is fun and educational
  • Medical Jeopardy: A game using health care trivia
  • Public Health: Using a black light to illuminate ways to prevent certain communicable diseases such as staph, colds, and flu

To schedule a visit:
Jesse Cargill
Main) 870.698.9991
O) 870.698.9993
F) 870.698.0022

M*A*S*H (Medical Applications of Science for Health)

UAMS NC annually assists local hospitals with this two-week summer camp which is designed to expose local high school students to hands-on experiences in the medical field. Each Spring students entering the 11th and 12th grades the following Fall apply for acceptance into this enrichment program. There is much competition for acceptance into the program as more students apply than can be accepted. MASH students complete many activities and rotations, learning selected medical skills and observing a variety of medical professionals at UAMS NC and in area hospitals and offices.


CHAMPS (Community Health Applied in Medical Public Service)

CHAMPS is a free, one-week enrichment program for eligible junior high school students that provides hands-on experiences in health careers, health education, and community service. The goal of our CHAMPS program is to expose students to health care careers in hopes that they will be encouraged to pursue this type of career in the future and thus increase the number of healthcare professionals in Arkansas.

Through a variety of experiences, students interact with health care professionals, such as physicians, nurses, medical technologists, respiratory therapists, radiologic technologists, physical therapists, pharmacists, etc. Exposure to different areas of medicine and other health-related professions is an integral part of the CHAMPS experience. Students learn to identify some of the various healthcare disciplines, see what they do, how they relate to one another and discover how the fundamentals of biology, anatomy, and other sciences are used in real life practice. Other activities offered during the one-week day program include training in first aid, and presentations on organ donation, healthy lifestyle presentations, and a community service project.

This program is for students entering grades 8, 9, and 10. To participate in a CHAMPS program, students must demonstrate above average scholastic ability as reported by school transcripts. Additional selection criteria are based on the recommendations of science or health teachers or a school counselor, the application prepared by the student, and evaluation by the CHAMPS Selection Committee.

Jesse Cargill
Main) 870.698.9991
O) 870.698.9993
F) 870.698.0022