To enhance the quality of health professions education by using the best academic resources available statewide
To retain Arkansas graduates of health professions schools within the state
To improve the supply and distribution of primary healthcare providers in Arkansas
To increase the number of individuals from rural, minority, and other underserved populations entering health careers
To supply professional support and continuing education for healthcare providers statewide
To provide quality health care services and educational programs to the public
To promote cooperation among providers, educational institutions, and health-related organization


To improve the health of Arkansans, through community and academic partnerships, by training health professionals and delivering quality patient-centered primary care

Quality training experiences in settings away from the academic medical center expose trainees to opportunities in underserved communities, helping encourage rural practice choices. The teaching atmosphere, library services, and continuing education offerings enhance the rural professional environment, aid in provider retention, and ultimately strengthen the participating community health care systems.

core values

Integrity – We foster, encourage and expect honesty, accountability and transparency in pursuit of the highest ethical and professional standards in all that we do.  We take responsibility for our performance, and will engage employees, patients and families, learners and stakeholders in our critical decisions that are timely, complete and accurate.

Respect – We embrace a culture of professionalism with respect for the dignity of all persons.

Diversity – We are committed to the importance of the diversity of UAMS leadership, faculty, staff and learners in order to enhance the education of our learners, reduce health disparities in our state, and honor the unique contributions provided by a diversity of values, beliefs and cultures.

Teamwork – We seek to create interdisciplinary and inter-professional, synergistic and collegial relationships characterized by honesty, collaboration, inclusiveness and flexibility.

Creativity – We encourage and support innovation, imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness and vision.

Excellence – We strive to achieve, through continuous improvement, adherence to institutional policies and best practices, and collaboration with colleagues, patients, and families, the highest quality and standards in all our endeavors.