There’s a lot to love about Arkansas. From the welcoming morning sun to the song of the Mockingbird, The Natural State evokes peaceful, rhythmic sounds that are guaranteed to soothe the soul.

It’s warm and friendly. Eclectic. From food and festivals to mountains and rivers, spend even a little time in Arkansas and you will soon be feeling right at home.

Arkansas outdoor picture

Nickname: The Natural State

With diverse regions that offer a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation, there is always something to do in Arkansas.


Picture of the Apple Blossom

State Flower: Apple Blossom

The apple blossom was adopted as the Arkansas State Flower by the General Assembly of 1901. Apple blossoms have pink and white petals and green leaves. At one time Arkansas was a major apple-producing state.

Little Rock Arkansas at night

Capital City: Little Rock

Sitting on the banks of the Arkansas River, Little Rock is home to great shopping, an entertaining nightlife and a dining scene that serves up recipes from all over the globe. Little Rock is one of the top Arkansas vacation spots and among America’s most affordable cities.