Doctor and Patients
The main goal of UAMS Regional Campuses is to improve the lives of community members across Arkansas. To help accomplish this goal, Regional Campuses works to increase the availability of health care in the community, provide consultation and education for area health care professionals, and offer health education to individuals across Arkansas. More information about each of these efforts is included below.

Local Health Care

UAMS Regional Campuses provides medical services in clinics across the state. These Family Medical Centers emphasize health promotion and disease prevention that may keep a minor issue from developing into a major condition.

In addition to clinic support efforts, UAMS Regional Campuses works to recruit, train place health care professionals and physicians where they are needed throughout the state. These efforts help ensure communities across Arkansas have access to highly qualified health care professionals.

Consultations and Continuing Professional Education

UAMS Regional Campuses contracts with the UAMS Center for Distance Health (CDH) to offer an ongoing slate of continuing professional education through distance technology. These resources allow medical practitioners to stay abreast of the latest information and research with minimal interruption to their clinical work.

The CDH can also help coordinate onsite consultations with UAMS specialists via the telemedicine network. These consultations help the patient get the care they need without the burden of traveling far from home.